Nobu Shimokuni

The chef who is his father set his heart on cooking

Studied under Hakone Auberge au Mirador
Then going France after experienced as a chef at some restaurants in Japan.
After these experiences, finally he came back to Hokkaido.
There are full of amazing things of what we can’t find in urban life such as good condition cultivated soil, fresh ingredients, and high quality stuffs. I would like to express all their excellences as French dishes to show for you.
This field “Hokkaido” can only produce precious things.
Amount of lives are natured on Mother nature. As a parson born and raised in Hokkaido receiving their lives’ favor, as a French chef going around other lands, To offer presently dishes to you with our ancestor’s wisdom, unbroken pride and keeping wonderful quality ingredients those which are made into appropriate needs of guests. That is my mission as a chef.

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